Among the valleys of the province of Piacenza (Val Tidone , Val Luretta, Val Nure, Val Trebbia, Val d'Arda) the Tidone valley is the western one. It starts from the land of the river Po and follows the river Tidone up to Mount Penice slopes (1460 m. on sea level).
Visitors can drive through the valley following several routes finding tranquillity and beauty, visiting historical sites, enjoining tourist accommodations and tasting gastronomic specialties. The panorama is very attractive in each season and quite astonishing with its small valleys with prairies, hills full of vineyards or orchards, small villages hidden by the trees, medieval villages fortresses and castles.
A visit to the Tidone valley is like a pleasant, instructive and charming walk and the panorama, the warm welcome of the inhabitants as well as typical local flavours can be hardly forgotten.